The Breakaway

July 24, 2020

"A successful breakaway is ultimately a delicate balance between conserving energy while also preserving your place ahead of the peloton." The quote from By Brian Kendall's article in titled The Art of the Breakaway speaks volumes to what I believe is happening in visitor management right now. You have a group of companies that broke free from the pack early and they are making it hard for others to catch up.

Whether it is to solve for workflows, touchless, or pre-registration, there is a rush to help customers with new complicated problems, big and small, in an effort to get back to work.

There are clear winners right now attacking the problem with a holistic solution that will make a lasting impact versus others who are opportunistically just trying to solve a short term problem.

Over the past two weeks, I have had countless video calls with companies showcasing their new idea sparked by visiting an office where...gasp...they either had to sign in manually with a pen and paper or even worse, talk to someone (cue Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, "The Horror").

I get the inspiration, but the approach is very 2008: let's build an app. The problem I see with the majority of companies looking to solve the "how do we identify who is coming to the office and are they healthy" question is a desire to replace humans with technology. It is a much more complicated problem that needs a much more sophisticated approach.

The breakaway companies are coming at this with purposeful intentions.

Some of these may seem obvious, and that is the intent of me writing this. But if it is so apparent, why aren't more companies doing it?

Here are some of what the breakaway companies are doing:

I understand that right now, especially during this pandemic, many are busy, and a lot of us see an opportunity. Lets not just plug a hole with a solution. I do believe, though, that those of us that take a step back organize ourselves to serve this new use case, and a broader stakeholder set will ultimately win.

Lee Odess

I've worked as an Entrepreneur and an Integrator (founded E+L+C), for a multinational billion dollar manufacturer in the lock and access control industry (Allegion), as an Executive of a start-up who pioneered the IoT/smart lock/smart physical access control industry (UniKey), and as an Executive with the first cloud based physical access control manufacturer (Brivo). I put all those years together to form a Growth Studio focused on business creation in the CRETech, proptech and smart home markets for small to large companies in the security, access control and IoT industry.

Labeled as an uber-networker by the Washington Post, Lee Odess has over 18 years starting, building and leading businesses with an exceptional track record for sales growth and marketing effectiveness.

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