What planning looks like for a 2021 return-to-work

January 19, 2021

I had the chance to catch up with Gregory Blondeau, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, of Proxyclick on planning for return to work in 2021 and their recent releases to support it. Here is what I found out.

Rising to the challenge

As great of a challenge as in-person work poses during the pandemic--and frankly, neither the risks nor the hurdles to avoid those risks are insignificant--we are all extremely fortunate to have access to dynamic workplace technology solutions that can facilitate as safe a return to work as possible in 2021. Proxyclick has been committed throughout the course of the pandemic to developing innovative solutions, not just for visitors, but also for day-to-day employees, for whom it is a necessity to align with public health experts’ recommended best practices while continuing to hold the in-person meetings that keep enterprise afloat.

Introducing Proxyclick Flow

To facilitate the return to work, we’re very proud to introduce Proxyclick Flow, an integrated people flow management system built for enterprise. Proxyclick Flow consists of three main components, designed not only to support visitors or contractors, but employees in particular--the Flow Platform, Flow Intelligence, and the Proovr App.

On a larger scale, the Proxyclick Flow Platform combines out-of-the box integrations seamlessly with existing hardware systems. No longer will IT executives have to “rip out” entire systems of hardware that are already in place and working well. The ease of integration makes the Proxyclick Flow Platform a great functionality, both for employees who dread learning an entirely new hardware system, and for companies seeking an easily accessible solution that won’t waste a lot of time and man-hours on complicated installation.

In non-integrated systems, companies are forced to piece together disconnected and sometimes inaccurate or out-dated information from disparate systems in order to gain a clear picture of their occupancy and space utilization. Flow Intelligence effectively eliminates that burden, allowing executives to ensure the safest possible working environment for their employees.

In combination with the Proxyclick Platform, Proovr guarantees employees access to a safe work space in advance of their arrival: They can check the office for availability (determining if others may be occupying the same space at the same time), book a dedicated desk, and then complete any necessary COVID-19 health screening questionnaires required for entry (including a temperature scan). Once these steps are completed, employees receive a digital key for entry, allowing them to scan into the building at the correct time. The Proovr App facilitates not only a truly touchless entry experience, but also strong access control protocols.

Entering the 2021 workspace

The key to the safe return to work lies in instituting robust people flow management solutions, offering a seamless user experience as well as granular data on access and occupancy. This includes not only digital keys and room reservations for regular employees, but meeting invitations for any approved visitors, mandatory health questionnaires for potential building entrants, scannable QR codes to open doors and access elevators, and consistent communication with all entrants to the building--visitors, contractors, and employees--about locally mandated health guidelines (for social distancing, occupancy, mask wearing, etc.) and any potential exposures, should the need arise.

Ending on a high note

Proxyclick has been quick to both address the challenges of the workplace during COVID-19 and adapt to them, with a focus on both technological innovation and mindfulness about user access and convenience. To that end, I was particularly gratified to see our hard work recognized in EY’s 8th annual Scale-Up of the Year contest, which Proxyclick won! The award recognizes promising young companies in the midst of large-scale development; Proxyclick was a finalist amongst many other strong competitors (La Niche, Sortlist, ID Pharma), and to win the top prize among such stiff competition was particularly empowering in light of what a difficult year 2020 was. The Scale-Up of the Year award serves as a great reminder of the importance of technological innovation, not only in supporting the continuation of business during the pandemic, but in consistently creating new and improved systems for people to get work done.

Gregory Blondeau, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Proxyclick

From startup to scale-up, Gregory Blondeau—husband, dad, and entrepreneur—is revolutionizing enterprise security with the best-of-breed evangelism of his “proptech” people flow management solution, Proxyclick.

Gregory isn’t your typical lone-wolf entrepreneur. A true team player, his typical day involves dashing between team and customer meetings, challenging the latest product developments, manning any number of event exhibition booths, and representing the world of tech scale-ups on global stages.

From schoolboy salesman (boxer shorts and music compilations were his contraband) to 11+ years in business development for the likes of Siemens AG, Gregory split his time between Munich, London, and Paris. It was his interest in European politics, culture, languages, and ways of living that drew Gregory back to Brussels in 2000. He steered business development efforts in two startups before co-founding Proxyclick. Thus every step in Gregory’s path has propelled him to his current mission—transforming corporate hospitality as we all know it.

Since launching in 2010, Proxyclick has become one of the shining beacons of success in Belgium’s booming tech scene. Its sweet spot to success being property management’s overdue awakening to the Software-as-a-Service world. Gregory worked tirelessly to develop the business in Belgium, and now Proxyclick’s reach stretches far across the Middle East and APAC regions, Europe, and in North America.

Lee Odess

I've worked as an Entrepreneur and an Integrator (founded E+L+C), for a multinational billion dollar manufacturer in the lock and access control industry (Allegion), as an Executive of a start-up who pioneered the IoT/smart lock/smart physical access control industry (UniKey), and as an Executive with the first cloud based physical access control manufacturer (Brivo). I put all those years together to form a Growth Studio focused on business creation in the CRETech, proptech and smart home markets for small to large companies in the security, access control and IoT industry.

Labeled as an uber-networker by the Washington Post, Lee Odess has over 18 years starting, building and leading businesses with an exceptional track record for sales growth and marketing effectiveness.

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