Good ideas for a quick first date

Whether you’re an Ina Garten or more of a David from Schitt’s Creek in the kitchen, cooking for your date can be a fun and intimate first-date option.

If you’re an outdoorsy type, hiking is a great way to bond over nature and can help you work up a sweat. Alternatively, you could try your luck at the local escape room.

Take a walk

Walking can calm nerves, and chatting while moving helps keep conversation flowing. Plus, it’s a great way to explore new parts of your neighborhood.

A farmers’ market is another great first date idea. It can provide plenty of chitchat topics and give you an insight into your date’s tastes.

Try this date idea with a friend and see how it goes.

Go to a coffee shop

Getting coffee is a classic first date, and it’s one of the most popular dates for women of all ages. If you feel the conversation flowing, try extending the date into a dinner later that night.

If cycling isn’t your thing, try a bar crawl that ends with an ice cream shop. A good first date should allow you to chat and relax while keeping things lighthearted.

Go to a restaurant

Many bar-type restaurants are now popping up that offer old-school arcade games like Skee-Ball. This is a fun way to see how competitive your date is and how they react under pressure.

Brunch is a great daytime option that takes the pressure off of a first-date dinner and still promotes conversation. Plus, it’s healthy. You can even splurge on mimosas. It’s the perfect combination of classy and casual.

Go to a movie

If you’re looking to step up from the classic dinner and movie date, try something like a ghost tour or an escape room. These experiences are more interactive and require teamwork.

You can test your compatibility by seeing how you react to each other under pressure. Plus, you can have fun showing off your combined knowledge of history and trivia.

Go to a museum

A visit to a museum can be a powerful experience. Observing beauty in art can put you in a meditative state and encourage discussion.

It’s also a great way to learn something new. I’ve seen discussions about humanity’s place on earth spurred from dinosaur exhibits, for example. Many museums offer educational tours and activities. Check their websites before you go.

Go to a concert

A night of comedy will quickly tell you if your date’s sense of humor is compatible with yours. It’ll also let you see whether your musical tastes align.

Arrive at the concert early to nab the best seating and avoid the crowds. If you’re bringing a friend, arrange a mutually convenient carpool at their house to cut down on parking fees and gas.

Go to an art gallery

Art enthusiasts can attend gallery openings for a chance to discover new works together and chat. Alternatively, they can book wine-tasting sessions to compare vintages and flavor profiles.

Board games are another fun way to bond. In fact, a 2019 study found that couples who play games together experience an increase in oxytocin.

Go on a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt may seem like an odd first date idea, but it can be a fun and organic way to get to know your date. Try a neighborhood scavenger hunt with simple clues that encourage social interaction, or one that is more challenging with riddles and puzzles.

You can also find scavenger hunt apps that let you customize the experience to your location and create photo-based lists with interactive features.

Go to an arcade

Playing games together is an ideal first date activity because it promotes communication and teamwork. Plus, cracking codes and solving puzzles takes the pressure off of awkward small talk.

Test your skills at a bowling alley or put your competitive streak to the test with mini golf. Both of these playful first date ideas pair well with frosty brews and tasty snacks.

Go to a music festival

A music festival can be a great way to see whether your dates musical tastes match. Plus, you can test how well they deal with crowds—and if they’ll cringe when you totally botch Celine Dion.

Learn something new together. You could take a cooking class, or even tour a brewery to sample local vintages. And if you’re both gamers, try out a board game night.